Friday, September 02, 2005


Okay, so I am like, totally addicted to scrapbooking lately. It's ridiculous. Every spare moment I have I'm up in my room working on a page or an album or whatever! It's just too fun! It just seems like I have so many ideas lately that if I don't act on them right away, they'll be gone forever. I went to the scrapbook store today to pick up some supplies for a class I'm teaching next week and next thing you know, I'm filling up my basket with all this fun new stuff for ME. So ridiculous! But don't worry, I only bought the things I REALLY needed. Haha. Whenever Payton goes down for a nap I go straight to my scrapbook room and start working and as soon as Gray gets home from work I'm like, bye! and I run upstairs. It's okay soon as Gray gets home Payton wants nothing to do with me anyways, so those 2 just play. There's just something so satisfying about seeing a finished page after I've been working on it for what seems like forever. I always display my new pages on the kitchen table for Gray to see when he comes home...he's very good about complimenting my work and dissecting every little thing I did on the page. (I get really annoyed if he doesn't do this! Haha!!) I'm just so happy to have a hobby that is so much fun and gratifyng for me. And for a husband who is so supportive and allows me to take away time from him so I can have some "me" time. Anyone who knows me knows that I take a TON of pictures, so this is such a fun way to display them. This is the page I did while Payton slept today....I love pink and black! The journalling says: "Almost there! You are trying so hard to crawl lately, Payton...pretty soon you'll be on the move...good for you, sweetie."

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Rebecca Cooper said...

such a cute page Talia! Hey, i was just reading your profile and had to laugh...I used to be a dental assistant too. Then I got the job I've got now ;) Mommy of course!