Sunday, September 04, 2005


Just thinking tonight how much I love my hubby. He's so good to me. After church I was so exhausted...didn't get much sleep last night and then 2 hours with a bunch of primary children is always tiring! (awesome, but tiring!). So he made pizza for lunch and then we all crashed and had a nap. When Payton woke up, Gray got up and fed her and watched her while she played so I could was soooo nice! He does so much all the time that I'm often like, "What the heck do I do?" He assures me that I do alot, so I'm trying to believe him...but I could always do more. I'm just happy today. Happy to be married to my best friend, happy that he loves me. Happy to see him and Payton interact with melts my heart to see them together. Happy that Gray supports me and understands how crazy and mildly OCD I can be with cleaning the house and keeping things organized. Hehe! He's the best for ME. He rocks. Love you, babe. (I betcha he'll be really embarassed when he reads this! :)) I did this page this picture of the two of us from a couple weeks ago.


Sarah said...

That's awesome! Just reading this made me happy! You lucky girl, you! ;)

cheryl kelly said...

tal, i am so happy to see you so happy with your gray and payton. you have the perfect little family. i can get over how much payton has changed since june when i was there visiting you and the girls. tal we have known each other since grade two, that seems like a life time ago and now we are both married and you have a little time flies. seeing pics of you and the girls brings back so many fun times and memories i have with you girls. i can not wait to see you and the girls at christmas. and i can not wait to see how much payton has changed. she is such a beautiful girl. please keep on sending pics. i love seeing them and reading how you are doing. i am so happy for you. luv ya cheryl