Wednesday, October 19, 2005

happy 29th gray!

Yesterday was Gray's 29th Birthday!! It was lots of fun...his parents were in town, so well went to dinner and then walked around Ikea afterwards...(always so much stuff to buy there!). I got Gray a touque that I'm *pretty sure* he won't return (he is so hard to buy for!!) and then we came back to our house for cake. Payton was so funny when we swere singing Happy Bday to him...she didn't know what was going on (as you can see by her face in the pictures! haha!!). She stuck her hand in the cake and immediately started crying...we'll see how her birthday goes in a couple far, she doesn't seem to like cake!! So yup, my hubby is 29...he's so cute! Soooo happy to have him....these other pics are of Payton in her crib...she pulls herself up so easily now and she loves to bounce and babble away while she's standing....she says "mamamamama" all the time... does mama still count as her first word even though she has no clue what she's saying?? I hope so!! Hehe!


Anonymous said...

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Cindy Lee said...

Sounds like a great birthday! your daughter is adorable!

{c} said...

WHat a nice family you have:) Your daughter is a real cutie pie!! Love her face in the one photo *confuzzled*...hehehe
LOVE IKEA too!!!

Nice blog!! Ill be back again soon:)

melissa said...

sounds like a great b-day :) that picture of your daughters confussed face is just priceless, super cute!

cheryl kelly said...

what a cute pic of daddy and his little girl. my b day is oct 19, is grays? tell him i say happy belated b day.