Sunday, January 29, 2006

my beautiful disaster

Sure, I have all of the "perfect" pictures of Payton...with her hair done, cute outfit and a clean face (gasp!) but these are the ones I love...this is the little girl I see everyday. My smiley, happy, messy, busy, fun little girl! It's so hard to believe that Payton is one year old...where has an entire year gone?? I've just spent the past hour organizing all her pictures on my computer and I was getting teary- eyed looking at all her BABYbaby pictures...she's still my baby, but she's the boss now! hehe! She's walking like crazy and has a mind of her own...when she knows she wants out 'cause she WANTS it! She loves playing peek-a-boo and is already becoming a little dancer (her fave song is the alphabet...that really gets her going!). She loves spoons...don't ask me why, but give her a couple of plastic spoons and she'll entertain herself for hours. I love it! So this is my little beautiful disaster...thanks for looking! Tal:)


Auntie MO said...

Can U tell ya how crazy I am for this cutey!! can't wait to cuddle her tight. It has been toooooo long since we've seen her. You are so right, the messy, busy, chaos is our lives right now. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. too soon and they'll be all grown up and won't let us pick out their cute outfits anymore. xoxox

cheryl kelly said...

tal i can't get over how much she has grown. payton is so stinken cute i can not take it. i love see your updated blog. please keep on sending. i hope all is well.
luv ya sunshine