Friday, April 07, 2006

i'm home!!

Whew! I made it home in one piece...I don't even know where to begin, I had an awesome and BUSY trip...lots of walking and carrying heavy bags...that's when it's nice to have your husband around! Hehe! Anyways, I got home from New York last night and it was amazing. Kim and I went to see the musical "Wicked" on our last night there and it was freakin' AMAZING....words seriously can't even describe how awesome it was...the story, the music, the sets, the characters, the costumes, the choreography...EVERYTHING. So unbelieveable. I could have gone to it two nights in a row. It's a good thing we got our tickets online ahead of time...the show is completley sold out, so it was worth the price we paid (which was very high!!). I've been listening to the soundtrack all day and just get chills...aaaaahhh!! Love it!

So yes, the trip began with CKU in Chicago and was so much fun. Definately a learning was cool to take classes and see how different people taught...there were just so many crazy scrapbooking ladies there, it was hillairious. Got to meet lots of scrapbook celebs...Heidi Swapp, Becky Higgins, Ali weird to see them in person instead of on a layout in a magazine! Hehe! Want to talk more about the "She" album class I did with Heidi Swapp...totally inspiring and made me think...but that's a whole post for another day...I don't want to leave anything out!!

I missed Graham and Payton was so wonderful to see Payton when I got off the plane and she ran right up to me...I was scared she wouldn't like me anymore! Hehe! Trips are always fun, but it's always so great to come home. So now I'm right back in the swing of things...had a doctor's appt today, had to go to the bank, cleaned the house, made supper, chasing Payton around constantly...nothing's changed! I'll update more on my trip within the next few days and post lots of pictures...but for now, I'm home and I'm happy and I'm TIRED!!

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Kim said...

It's so nice to be home, hey? But it was so much fun. Thanks Tal!