Monday, September 18, 2006

trying to keep up...

...with LIFE. Is anyone else feeling like this? Like there is just too much to do...the days pass by so quickly and nothing gets crossed off your to-do list. But I'm trying. I took this picture of Payton and I last night when we were hangin' out on the couch. I know it's a grainy picture, not the best quality, but I love it. Me and my big girl. She is saying "mama" so clearly now...and constantly! It makes me happy that she is always calling me, and wanting to "talk" to me about all those little things that are important to her. We started swimming lessons again tonight and it was so much fun. Payton is such a water-baby. She was kicking away and didn't mind at all when she got dunked (lots of the other kids cried!) and had fun joining in on the games and songs. She had so much fun, in fact, that she had a nice SPAZ in the car all the way home...but we made it. At least she cries LEAVING class instead of the other way around. Hehe!

And on another note, the house reno's are still happening and should be all done soon. I finally have a bathroom sink again...yay!! Definately not something that is fun to live without. I am liking all the changes, the littlest things can make such a big difference. And it has been nice to SIMPLIFY ... to get rid of those things that you really don't need. It's totally liberating! I've even gotten rid of a ton of clothes. Even though I still like all of them, I just had to stop the insanity and get rid of stuff...and now Gray and I can actually use our linen closet for towels and sheets instead of my clothes! Haha!

And Gabby is such a doll...such a good baby. She seems to be happy at home and in her space. We're working on a routine, some sort of shedule. It'll come, right? I still have so many things I want to and projects. I am trying....that's my motto from now, I think. "I am trying."
But, here's a quick share of Gabby and her cousin, Ochiel on their blessing day. Osh is 3 months older than Gabby...I can't wait for them to be little buddies. I love that they were blessed on the same day. So sweet.


Sarah W. said...

oh my goodness, those pictures are simply beautiful. makes my eyes well up with tears, babies are such blessings.

and i can relate to that "catch up" feeling. but trust me, it will catch up with ya. and it will be awesome.

have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

ummm, totally cute pics, but i want MORE of Gabby!!! i've barely seen any of that kid. pwetty pwease?!?
- niki

Karli said...

Cute pics, once again! Although we have never met in person, I feel like I know you! You express yourself so well! You dress so dang cute, so if you;re ever getting rid of clothes and want me to take them off your hands, drop me a line: (: You are such a cute mom!

Anonymous said...

tal these pics are soo cute. you have the cutest little girls. i wonder where they get it from? you look great motherhood agrees with you. thanks for the pic of gabby. it is very cute. i have i used cute enough. talk with you soon sunshine