Thursday, November 02, 2006

my little pumpkin

So, as promised, here are some more halloween pictures of Gabby. She was so so cute in her little pumpkin costume...but what baby isn't cute all dressed up, right? Halloween was fun, but a little bit crazy...I took the girls to their great grandma's for a little visit, and they were quite the hit and the complex that my grandma lives in, let me tell ya. Payton was loving it...waving to all the old people like she was some kind of celebrity (but to them, I guess she kinda was!). Then we headed to my sisters where Payton went trick or treating to a few houses. She was so so cute and probably thought it was pretty cool to be getting free candy for no reason!!

And I've been meaning to share these photos for a are my girls in their matching dresses and cute baby bracelets made by Rebecca Cooper. Aren't they so cute? (the bracelets, I mean) Payton loves being dressed the same as Gabby...I'm sure there will be many, many photos of them in matching outfits in the years to come!!

This has just been another busy busy week. On top of halloween, Graham is (finally!) getting a bunch of painting done inside our house and my sister just arrived with her husband and daughter, Molly today. We spent the day with them and it was so fun...Molly is so cute and Payton adores her. So we'll be doing lots with them over the next few days. And, we're supposed to be leaving for Texas on Monday to visit Graham's parents...they have a condo there...but of course, Gabby has decided to get sick. This ALWAYS happens right before we're supposed to be leaving on a trip...someone gets sick. So we'll see if Gabby and I end up going or not...we still may, but only if she's well enough to fly...these little babies are just too fragile to take chances. So I am bummed and sad...but I gotta do what's best for baby.

And last but not least, there is a new gallery up at Mosh Posh. The November kit is so cute, it was fun to play with. I'll try to be back sooner rather later with more pictures...bye for now! -T


Kim said...

These pictures of Gabby are adorable!!! And the ones of both Payton and Gabby are so so cute! Fun to see them!

Janna said...

oh wow, talia, such supercute pictures! your girls are adorable... and so photogenic:) lovin' your layouts, too!!

have a great week!


Robyn said...

Cutest, cutest pictures and projects! So darling! Glad your able to go to TX after all - have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

tal your girls look so cute dressed the same. and i love the braclets. i think it is so cute when little girls wear jewlery, i can not get over all the hair gabby has. i hope she gets over her cold. poor thing. talk to you soon sunshine
luv ya cheryl

Anonymous said...

i miss you and the girls already!! molly had soooo much fun with payton...can't wait till gabbs can get in on the fun. the pictures are adorable. hope you're having fun in texas!

- niki