Sunday, December 03, 2006

my tree is up...

...and let me tell you, this was no easy task.

Take into account sick babies,

an accident involving stairs,

one trip to the hospital,

painting and baseboards being finished up (by the best husband in the world!),

moving a couch to the storage unit...

...the list goes on of all the things we had to get done and deal with this weekend in order to get this tree up! But it's done and it's pretty and it finally feels like Christmas around here. Now I feel like we can slow down a bit. I was getting anxious about getting my decorations up...I mean, come on it's December already! It's by far my favorite time of the year and it just wasn't feeling like Christmas. I usually put my tree up in November so we're a little behind. But like I said, it's done, so now we can just enjoy. And my kids are we're all tired. I'm hoping that this means they won't come down with anything before Christmas....we'll keep our fingers crossed! Payton is so cute with anything "Christmas"...every tree, decoration, whatever, is "ho ho" to her. So cute. She doesn't really know what's going on, but she gets it enough that it'll be so much fun seeing her on Christmas morning. I can't wait! My Christmas shopping is almost done, so that's another plus, too. Just checkin' things off my list! I have been a bad blogger lately, I'll try to be around a little more!

Oh, ya...and somehwere in all the craziness of this weekend I managed to get a little scrapping done with some friends, so that was fun. I love seeing other people's scrap cool. Thanks for having us over, Jen! Definately something I want to make a regular thing. It was so nice to just sit and chat and play (all scrap-related) with no distractions...again, thank you to the best husband in the world for holding the fort down while I was gone. Love you!!


Anonymous said...

the tree looks super cute tal! love the decorations on it. it'll be so fun with payton this year. and just think about next year! miss you,

- niki

Vee said...

beautiful tree

melissa :) said...

Ok, I need a "clearer" photo of your tree - mine took 7 hours to put up - I need to see if yours is better than mine. LOL!! And I'm sure it is!!!!!! :)

Maurita said...

Love the tree. Looks so "christmas-y" Just need some hot cocoa, mellow music and 2 sleeping darlings to make it complete. Love ya!!