Friday, January 19, 2007

baby shower stuff!

I just thought I'd share some pictures from Kim's baby shower last night. I took these just before the shower started and then I totally forgot to take pictures DURING the shower! Aaahh! Can you believe I didn't get one picture of silly. Oh, well. We had fun and lots of people came. It's always nice to connect with people that you don't see on a regular basis...lots of girls that Kim and I grew up with and now we have tons of kids running around! So crazy how things change.

So these pictures aren't the best (I had to use the flash which I hate to do!) but I wanted to share some of the stuff i did...some "Ryker" water bottles (I got this idea from Heidi's blog over a year ago...I've been waiting to use it!!), a centerpiece using Kim's baby announcement, a diaper cake, a little jar of baby advice. We played one little game and I was going to do another one, but I didn't want to get all "Monica" on everyone...if everyone's happy, why bother them with a lame game, right? hehe! (I'm referring to Monica on "Friends"...she always cracks me up!)

Anyways, just a quick post...can you believe it's the weekend already???


Kim said...

Thanks so much for having the shower for me! The decorations were so fun and I loved everything! And Ryker loved it! You are the best! Love ya!

p.s. Great idea to have salad and breadsticks from Olive yummy!

melissa :) said...

Just beautiful. What a great friend you are. And of course, I'm partial to adopted babies. ;)

Anonymous said...

looks like everyting turned out super cute. i'm helping put on a shower for a friend in march and i think i'll be stealing all of your ideas! love ya,

chanel said...

really cute stuff. I also love your albums you've done for your girls ... they are beautiful!

CwazyLawa said...

K that is ADORABLE! Love your blog. So cute!