Saturday, February 17, 2007

a new favorite...

...need I say more? I adore this picture...her face just says it all! hehe!

So, I also wanted to answer a few questions that people have been asking me on my blog over the past month. I'm so sorry I haven't answered them immediately, I'll try to be better at that! So if you ever have any questions about a project that I've shared or whatever, then please, continue to ask away!!

On January 10th regarding these photos, Ashley asked for tips on how I edit pictures in Photoshop:
Okay, this isn't an easy one for me to answer. The main thing I can say is learning how to use photoshop is definately a process. I've had lots of help from my husband...between the 2 of us we've managed to figure things out here and there. I know Kim uses a new version Photoshop Elements and loves it, so if you're new to photoshop, that might be the way to go. Photoshop Elements has "recipes" that help you edit your changing them to black and white, or sepia or kind of does it for you and takes you step by step. Ask Kim about photoshop elements if you're interested in that!
Also, on Elsie's blog a while back, she answered a bunch of photo-editing questions that people can read all those here, she has some awesome step by step tips! (I'm just not the person to ask when it comes to in-depth explanations about can be kinda complex!)
I will share, though, some of my favorite things to do when editing photos just to lighten and brighten them up a bit:
1. Once you've opened your photo in photoshop, go to Image>Adjustments>Levels. This will open up a box where you can adjust the levels of the picture to make it brighter or darker. I always move the arrow on the left towards the center till I'm happy with the color.
2. Another thing I like to do is adjust the brightness and contrast of a photo...this works well with color photos. Go to Image>Adjustements>Brightness/Contrast and play with the little arrows in there till you're happy with the results. Another quick fix! (tip: try adjusting the levels AS WELL AS the brightness and contrast of your picture to get results that you like!)
3. The simplest way to change a photo to black and white: Go to Image>Mode>Grayscale. I almost always play with the levels and brightness after I convert a picture to black and white to make it a little lighter!
I hope this helps you get started with editing your I said, it is a learning process and can take some time!

On January 17th regarding Gabby's baby album, Starr Mercer asked what the "scripty" font is that I used:
the font is called Scriptina!

On January 17th regarding this chipboard album of Payton, Jenay asked how I cover the entire album:
With a coiled album like this (mine is 7gypsies), you can just take the whole thing apart to cover all the pages! It's really easy and the best way to do it. Just gently pull the coils apart and remove all of the chipboard pages. Then from there, just cover the chipboard using whatever patterned paper or cardstock you want. A glue stick works great to adhere the paper to the chipboard. I like to sand the edges after the paper is just looks more finished off that way (to me, anyways!). I just used an exacto knife to cut out the the little holes that the coils go thru...this doesn't have to be perfect, once the whole album is put back together you won't notice if these holes were cut perfectly or not!

On January 22nd regarding these pictures of Payton, Diane asked for some tips on photoshop:
Same answer as above!

On February 14th regarding my little "love" bags, Jessica asked if the word "love" were Heidi Swapp rubons:
Close...they are Heidi Swapp clear acrylic stamps and I looooove them! I have other words, too...forever, family, cherish. They are the best! (and only like $4/stamp approx)

So I hope this helps you guys out a little bit! Like I said, if you ever have any other questions, please ask, and I'll try to answer them sooner. Hope everyone is having a good Saturday...mine has been great so far. Gray and I took the girls out and made a few stops (one of them being the scrapbook some really cute new paper that I'm excited to use) and then we just finished cleaniing the house. It was nice to work as a things done a little faster than usual! Now it's time to just chill out as a family...the couch is looking very tempting right now!

Catch ya later! Tal


Jenay said...

Thanks Talia! I've always wondered how people got their albums covered all the way to the edge. This is super helpful!

Starr Mercer said...

Thanks for the font name Talia...I'll be looking that one up on the net!


Elsie Flannigan said...

awe! love this photo!!! my baby fever is ON lately. dude. so cute! :) :) :)

have a good weekend!

jennihaywood said...

This has got to be the cutest picture ever... and I have my own kids!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the photoshop tips, Talia! And what a cute picture of Gabby! Love it!

Anne Thompson said...

Hi there
I just noticed that you were published in Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine! I LOVE that magazine. I'm soo glad Canada started their own magazine! Take care, Anne Thompson

Kim said...

love the picture Tal! So cute!

jessica said...

thanks for the tips! i will try to find them at stores or on the net!