Friday, March 02, 2007

baby bling!

Okay, so even babies need a little bling sometimes! Hehe! I saw some blinged-out soothers at my hair salon a couple weeks ago and I couldn't I went home and made one...and seriously, how cute??? I love it! (And just a note...I big time glued the jewels on with a glue-gun...they are not moving! But...we never leave Gabby alone with this soother, it's just for fun when we go out!)

This has been a super busy week...Gray just got back today from dirt-biking in Vegas for a full week. He had lots of fun and I was happy he could go, but it's always nice to have daddy come home!! I love that our family is complete again...and that maybe I'll be getting a little more sleep at night. (hint, hint!) The girls and I did have a fun week, though. I couldn't have done it without my family! Seriously, I am so lucky to have my daughters grandma's and grandpa's and aunts and cousins living close by...Payton had a couple sleep-over's with my parents and everyone just helped me out in general. Taking care of 2 kids is a lot of work when one of them is Payton...hehe! She is hillairious...just sooooo busy and talky and busy....definately the epitomy of a 2 year her so much. Here are some cute pics of the girls before we went out for luch for my mom's birthday on Wednesday. (Happy Birthday, Mom!!)

Like I said we had a busy week....a trip to Walmart on Monday....scrapbooking with Kim (soooooo much fun and so needed!) and playing with Grandma on Tuesday...out for lunch on Wednesday...then Kim and Ryker came over on Thursday....Kim and I had this "great idea" that we'd just hang out with our kids on Thursday, but holy cow was it a gong-show! Seriously, it was totally laughable. Ryker was so tired and desperately needed to go to sleep but refused to and Payton was just wound up beyond belief...if the attention wasn't completely on her she fell apart (like I said, the epitomy of a 2 year old!). So after a couple hours of us trying to hang out, we called it quits. But the thing about good friends is that we can just laugh at it and try again another time!

So now things are winding down and I'm just excited to curl up with my hubby on the couch and watch some TV. That is what I missed while Gray was gone. Hope everyone has a great weekend...let's wish for warm weather! (and here's one last picture of Gabby's ponytail!)


Elsie said...

totally cute! :)

melissa :) said...

Loveeeeeeee the photos. You are so blessed you have family for help. We have three small children & we have no one to help. No one. Ever. We make it, of course, but I wish we had such a lovable, reliable, more-than-willing family to help us too. Don't ever take what you have for granted. Just thought I'd share. :)

2 questions -

1.) can you please share where you are getting the girls' bows? When my little girl was tiny, I did alright w/ those awesome bowbands. Now that she is bigger, I have no idea where to look.

2.) Where do you find such adorable clothing for them??

Anonymous said...

cuuuuute!!! love the soother bling! payton's looking so grown up these days...and that Gabbs is a doll! CANNOT WAIT FOR Molly to get to play with them. now i need see scrappy...yes?

- niki

Anonymous said...

I Love the pacifier! I want to copy if I have a girl!

Anne Thompson said...

Oh man, that is absolutely adorable! Your girls are sooo cute! Anne T.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can tell I haven't seen you guys in a while because Gabby and Payton look sooooo big! What cutie pies. Glad to hear you survived your week. So nice to have your hubby home, I bet. Hope he and his bike are still in one piece!

Paula said...

Hi Talia! Paula here from BPS and WOW Gabby is growing so fast - it seems like yesterday that we saw here at CE. And your hair is longer??!! Good to catch up on your blog -

Vivi said...

OMG!! Your girls are so cute!! Love the pics :)

Kim said...

Cute soother Tal! So fun to see pictures of the girls!