Thursday, April 05, 2007

cute hat!

This is week is going by too fast...I can't believe it's already Thursday! Crazy. Anyways, I had to share these pictures of Gabby in her cute little hat from Grandma. I love the first one where Payton's giving her a kiss...melts my heart! Love these girls. I took some more pictures of Gabby today that I'll have to share, too. I tried to get some of the two of them together, but it just totally wasn't happening...I have great pictures of them separately, but not that many together...gotta work on that!

Swimming this week has been so fun. Gabby is such a doll...just so easy-going. On Wednesday morning in class the teacher got out the little floatie mats and Gabs was just as happy as could be, loungin' and floatin' around. It was so cute. It's so neat to do this the second time around...she's wearing the same swim suits that Payton wore for her first swimming lessons. They are very alike in the water, it's neat to see. As I said in my last post, I'll have to get pictures at some point for sure.

And thank you to everyone who has checked out The Goodie Box! Some of you have already shared your layouts for this months challenge....that is SO AWESOME!!! It's exciting to see that people are interested and willing to play along. So get working on your layouts if you haven't started yet....we want to see what you come up with!! And remember, on Monday we'll be posting a a little sneak peek of this months goodie box, so make sure you check back often. I know I keep saying it, but I'm just so excited about the Goodie Box and happy to see that people are interested. Yay!!

Oh, and P.S....Gabby is almost crawling. She's gets up on her knees and then rocks back and forth...she's ready to go. So we'll see if it happens soon or if she'll be content not moving for a little while longer. I can't decide what I want her to do....crawling means a little bit more independence for her, but we all know what that means for me....ahhh!!




Krainik Family said...

Your little Gabby is such a cutie, she looks like she's so mellow and calm. I love the hat too, so stylish!

Kim said...

So cute! Love the hat!

Anonymous said...

awwww...cute hat!!! and yes - more pictures please!!

- niki

Ashley said...

What an adorable hat! Your girls are so cute!