Tuesday, July 10, 2007

my girls

Okay, just a warning...lots of pictures in this post!!

I feel like I have been kind of a lame blogger lately, but what do you do?? It's summer and we're doing our best to keep busy while the weather is good. I just wanted to share some pictures of my cutie cute girls from the last month or so...Gabby has suddenly become a little person, just walkin' around all over the place...it's so cute, but man, this girl is into EVERYTHING!! She definately has ants in her pants...never a dull moment around here! And Payton is hillairious as well...Gray and I are always amazed at the things that come out of her mouth sometimes...she's a little smarty pants, or "sassy angel" as me and auntie A-dee like to call her!

So we've just been busy doing the summer stuff...although the weather hasn't been the greatest the last couple days, it's definately looking up. I've even got some scrapping in here and there, so I'll have to share some of my pages soon. Been very inspired by Rebecca's new book...looove it!!

But back to my girls...they are as cute as ever, but holy cow...BUSY is not even the word to describe them!!

I love these last 2 pictures of Payton and Winter, her big cousin...my sister and I went out for a quick little walk on Saturday morning so the girls could feed the ducks and it was so cute. The ducks were totally surrounding them, wanting the bread! Karly and I imagined out grandpa looking down on us...probably so happy to all his girls out feeding the ducks...he was a major bird lover and I totally remember him taking me on walks and going bird watching and feeding duckies in the pond, just like the girls were doing....so that was neat. I miss my grandpa.

Okay, everyone have a good week and don't forget to go over to the Goodie Box! There's a fun prize for this month's winner!!

Oh, and P.S....my Big Picture class really WILL be launching SOON...we're in the final stages, so I'm very very excited!!!



Anonymous said...

Your girls are soooo... adorable!
I can't wait to find out more about your Big Picture class!

Anonymous said...

super cute pictures tal! can't wait to come play!!!!

- niki

me said...

such cuties! amazing what your baby can learn in a month, hey?! i'll be they keep you on your toes. enjoy that summer weather! Jody

Starr Mercer said...

Talia, I have to ask...where do you get your awesome beaded necklaces?
Thanks for all the 'girlie' shots, they're beautiful!

Talia said...

Thanks Starr!
I get my neclaces everywhere...this red one is from Forever 21 I think...but i actually took it apart 'cause there were some beads that i didn't like. I'm all about the cheap funky neclaces!!

Rachel said...

your girls are getting so big!! I love Gabby's pigtails :)

RachelDenbow said...

Your family is so beautiful. I love seeing pics of your littlest because Sebastian is about the same age as her. Glad you're enjoying the summer time and capturing it on 'film'.