Tuesday, September 18, 2007

creative escape (warning: LOTS of photos!!!)

Okay....so where do I even begin?? I think point form will be the easiest way to share about Creative Escape. It was a very busy 5 days that Kim and I were away...every day we were gone was completely filled up!

*The flights with Kim are always fun....we seriously talked the whole way there. So much fun to have girl time!

*The hotel room was great...so big, puffy, queen sized beds with lots of room to scrapbook, too. Oh, and we were on the 3rd floor, so we definately got lots of exercise going up and down those stairs 10 times a day!

*Shopping at the mall in Phoenix was awesome...if only I had more room to take stuff home...I would have taken all of Pottery Barn Kids home with me in my suitcase!

*The convention was amazing...I loved all the extras...the little pins everyone wore on there bags and aprons, the pink popcorn and sleeping mask that was left for us in our room at night, oh, and having dessert first at the dinner on Saturday night...so cute.

*I can't belive all the women that were there....always fun to see scrapbookers from all over the place just excited and ready to go!

*Heidi, as always, was so great. Totally full of energy, fun and so sweet to everyone...man, that lady took alot of pictures with alot of people!

* Allison Tyler Jones' key-note address on Saturday night was amazing. It totally hit home for me in alot of aspects. One of the quotes I loved that she shared was: "Life is here and it is NOW." Love that.

* It was so fun to Stacy, Paula and Kayce...the BPS girls! They were in mine and Kim's class so that was cool.

*Guess who was right in front of us in the security line-up in the LA airport?? Mark Ruffalo!!! (the guy from that cute movie with Reese Witherspoon where she's not totally dead and he's living in her apartment??) He even smiled at me!!

The projects we made were amazing...I always love taking classes from different teachers...it isn't just about the project for me, it's also about teaching styles...I like to get new ideas and tips from other teachers!

*Kim and I made it a goal to go home with as much done as we could possibly do on our projects....it made the weekend feel so much worth it to go home with completed stuff to show my hubby.

*Spending Sunday morning by the pool and then the rest of the afternoon scrapbooking was awesome...you should have seen our hotel room. It was a disaster, but so funny...paper and stuff everywhere.

*My fave classes were Heidi's and Rhonna's. Heidi did this awesome memory board (which I still need to finish) and Rhonna's is an art journal where we did tons of stamping. Kim and I headed straight to the on-site store after Rhonna's class and stocked up on stamps!

So all in all, it was such a fun weekend. One of the best parts was coming home to my little family, though!! Absence definately makes the heart grow fonder. Kim and I were very antsy waiting in the customs line after we landed...knowing that our kiddies were so close had us very anxious to see them! Hehe!!!

Okay...Gabby is having a little fit...time to run!!!



Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos and memories. Glad you girls had a great time.

Maurita said...

sounds so fun...how in the world did you guys swindle the dads into watching the babies for a week?? How I wish!!

I want to see more about your projects. they all look fab!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you & Kim had a fabulous time! Like I said in Kim's Blog, I am EXTREMELY jealous!!

Love the pic's!

Kim said...

So fun! It was a blast with you!