Tuesday, October 16, 2007

day 6


Well, needless to say, we sold our house this morning! Yesterday was crazy...we were in and out of the house all day long with people looking and we got the offer last night. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I have very mixed feelings, and the tears have finally stopped.(for now!) It is time to move but I am very attached to this home. This is our first house. I brought both of my babies home from the hospital to this house. We have totally fixed it up and made so many changes. So many memories...but it is time. This is a starter home, not one that we ever could have planned on staying in forever. The teeny-tiny bathroom that we all share and not having a garage are the main things right now. *sigh*....change is good, right? Don't get me wrong, I am so excited about our new house. It will be perfect for us and somehwere that we can be forever if we wanted to. And I'm excited to decorate and get organised....but I am emotional today. Is this normal?? This is our first big move and it is a big deal. We have one month till we move. One month to clean up, pack, organise.....ahhhh! I am tired just thinking about it. I am giving myself today to be sad and emotional, then it is time to get to work!!

Life is crazy. In a good way.


Kim said...

You're totally allowed to be sad...so many good mems there.... but....I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to see your beautiful new house! :)

Bobbi-Jo said...

So happy for you! Very exciting! I can't wait to sell our place (been waiting a month!) so I can get excited about a new house, new province, new life! I guess I'll live vicariously through you for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Tal! That's so exciting! Can't wait to see the new place. I'm happy to volunteer my hubby to help with the moving stuff! ha ha. Congrats. xo, Jody

Maurita said...

Will have to hear the story...Glad it all worked out for you. Super excited for you to enjoy your own bathroom....Congrats. only 1 month. We'll find you at your new place. Can't wait.