Friday, October 26, 2007

for sale!

Well, my room is officially packed up...and I have some stuff for sale! I wish I could just give this stuff away but we're trying to be careful with our money right now...the prices are decent, though! So, for anyone local, if you're interested, this is what I have:

Corner Desk Unit: SOLD!
Price: $75.00 for both pieces OR $40.00 each
This is a corner desk that Graham made for me and has been amazing for scrapbooking. It is actually 2 pieces. The first desk measures 88.5" x 31.5" and is 28" in height. The second desk measures 80" x 31.5" and is 28" in height. It is only about a year and a half old and is in great condition. This unit is huge...lots of room to put stuff on and work. You can see another picture of it from a post I did a while back here. (Note: Wire drawers NOT included)

Wood Shelving: SOLD!
Price: $15.00 for the set of 2
These shelves are great for storing scrapbooking supplies. They are sturdy and durable...could be painted a cute color! Shelves measure 47" x 11".

Computer Desk: SOLD!
This is an Ikea desk, about a year and half old and in great condition. Nice and big, lots of space to work on. See a better view and measurments here.

If you are interested in any of this stuff, just email me at and we'll arrange a time for pick up!!!

Have a great weekend!

(P.S. Congrats to my sister who just found out that she's having a boy!! Yay!!!)


Kara said...

oh my gosh talia!! i so wish that i lived closer....i mean texas is pretty close right?? LOL!!!

i am going to bookmark this, we are moving to houston in the next few month (crossing fingers on our house sale here) and i love your desk that graham built ya!

good luck!! those are great prices!!
have you ebay'ed your scrapbook goodies?? links if so!! :D

Robin Kearl said...

hey tal - i was talking to gray last night - if your computer desk is still available - we'll take it. Let me know - $40 is great - maybe gray can bring it up to rd next time or we can come get it - ?

Kim said...

That is such a fabulous desk! And great price!!! tell Niki congrats for me!

Karen said...

Hi Talia... I'm thrilled to say I'll take the 2 scrapbooking tables, if they're not spoken for yet!

My eMail address: - let me know when I would be able to pick them up! woohoo!