Thursday, January 10, 2008

just thinkin'...

...of lots of stuff tonight...

Kim and I have been so busy with Girl's Night Out stuff and I'm getting so excited. Our husbands tease us 'cause we are constantly on the, literally 5 times a day AT LEAST, hey, Kim? Haha! I'm just so grateful for all the support we are's going to be such a fun night. I'm so sad that my mom, sister and mother-in-law won't be here for it. 'Cause trust me, it is going to rock. If you're thinking of coming, make sure you register soon...there are still spots available, but it's filling up!

My brother-in-law and his wife just had their baby today!! Congrats guys!! They had a little girl (told ya so!), Avianna at about 5:30 this morning...she was 6 pounds, 8 ounces. Gray and I went up to the hospital and I was reminded ever so lovingly by my husband that we are NOT having another baby and NOT to let that baby fever kick in. Haha. Really, when a female sees a perfect, teeny little baby, how do you not have baby fever??? It took coming home to my happy little girls (note the sarcasm in my voice) to realise that maybe I'm not quite ready for another one. We'll see. Anyways, Avianna (sp?) is feminine and perfect.

And now I'm getting even more excited for my sisters baby due in February. Little Harry. I can't wait! My other sister, Karly, her daughter, Winter and I are all heading to Houston to visit the little guy at the end of March. I get to go childless, which will be a treat. More time to cuddle with my neice and nephew!

What else is on my mind? This past weekend Gray and I got to be there when Kim and Cody were sealed to Ryker for time and all eternity in the temple. It was so amazing. Ryker was adorable and it just made me realise what a miracle adoption they were all meant to be together, they just found eachother in an unconventional way. He is so sweet...he loved my neclace that day, made me feel special! Haha!

Happy that Gray is home...he was out of town for a quick couple days, but it always seems like forever when he is gone. Love my man. Love that he doesn't mind that we had chocolate chip cookies for dinner rather than "food". I had a craving and had to give in. Mmmm.

Planning Payton's "friends" birthday party and I'm excited. We're going with a ballerina theme so it should be cute. Of course I'll share all the details as it happens!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Oh, and thank you so much for all the comments in my last post. I really love how simple this collage book came together and how there are just a TON of pictures in one little book. As for photoshop instructions, I know this sounds lame, but I am one of those people that I can make my way around photoshop but explaining how to do things is a different story. I've learned with help from husband and by trial and error. If I ever feel like I can explain how to do something...I will share. For now, I think it would just take too much time for me to figure out step-by-step instructions. I sorry.

Check out Rebecca's blog...she's done a little "how-to" on how to collages in photoshop!


lindsay/aggiebonfire00 said...

hey talia,

love your collage book. thanks for posting a link to where we can learn how to make the collages.

congrats on the birth of your niece. i'm looking forward to seeing some cute baby layouts!

just wondering if you and kim got the email with my layout for the current challenge?


the goodie box girls said...

hi lindsay...
i didn't get your layout...
just email it to and we'll post it in the gallery!

Anonymous said...

hi talia!
I was just wondering what version of Photoshop you use?

Kim said...

That's so exciting about Ryan and Jody!!