Friday, February 22, 2008

could she BE any cuter?

...I don't think so.

My crazy (but adorable) little Gabby at almost 19 months. This girl keeps me beyond busy. From climbing onto countertops, to emptying my kitchen cupboards, to eating the garbage, to scaling the walls in the bathtub, to running away from me WITHOUT her diaper on...sheesh! I'm gettin' tired just thinking about it. But we couldn't live without her, that's for sure.

Graham has been out of town for a week (only a couple days to go till he's home!) so we've been keeping busy. We went to Red Deer to visit Grandma and Grandpa for a few days and then we've just been hanging out since we got home. It's crazy how only 2 kids can keep a person so busy. Especially when one of them is a 3 year old. I was just watching Oprah and this family was on, and Kate said something that I totally did an "Amen, girlfriend". She said, "Didn't you know that 3 is the new 2???" (in reference to the terrible-two's) Okay, soooooooo true! I actually have been talking with my sister, mom and even Kim today about how Payton turned 3 and is suddenly a different person! Obviously my sweet little girl is still there, but man...she has her days and her moments, that's for darn sure. I've been reassured by many, though, that I'm not the only one. It's definately a girl thing, and a 3 year old thing to be sassy and difficult at any and all times!

Here's a little video to let you know just what I'm talking about:

(we took this video on the day that Ryan and Jody had their little girl to show them what might be in store!! I hope for their sake that Aviana isn't quite as emotional!)

Okay, Gabby needs her mama so I'm off for now. Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

i saw that today too and i totally agree with that. Christian was angel when he was to. 3 was a toughie!!

Anonymous said...

gabby does not look like the little girl i left almost a week ago. how do they change so fast.
miss you guys.


diane said...

Hi Talia...
Tears or smiles... your little girls are just too cute! I miss those stages... they do grow up fast... my kids are now 29 and 27... all I can say NOW is thank goodness for grandbabies! I love little kids! I enjoy your blog, too!...Take care!
Diane R

Joanne said...

Wait until their 6 year old hormones kick in!!! That has been fun! Girls definatly keep it interesting and I'm scared as I now have 3 of them. (who would have known this 6 years ago when I announced my first pregnancy at BDDA). remember???
PS. Your new house looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

awwww - those pictures of gabbs are adorable!! she is such a cutie. and i'm loving the ice cream meltdown from payters! ha ha!

- niki

Anonymous said...

and that pretty much sums up why i was so nervous to ever have a girl! i am a girl, i know how emotional i am, why would i want to deal with more of that?! yup, it's gonna be fun! that's okay, osh does that kind of thing already too. he was doing the fake cry this morning until ryan asked him if he wanted to go swimming. he instantly stopped crying and got a big smile and said 'ya!'. oh these kiddies! xo, jody

Bobbi-Jo said...

Oh.My.Goodness.How I KNOW that sound. I've got 4 girls and I get the "phoney-baloney" cry all the time. What is the purpose behind it? I also said "Amen" to Kate on Oprah when she said that. Each of my girls went cuckoo when they hit 3 years - luckily my oldest 2 are calming down, so there is still hope. LOL!

Your DDs are just gorgeous, though. I"m sure being so cute has saved their lives a few times :)

Kim said...

I love these cutie girls!!! Who could resist them even during the 'little' crying spells...hehe! I just love them!

Susie said...

she is adorable! What a patient daddy she has and mom too!

Maurita said...

Both of these darlings are lucky to have such great parents.... I can't believe how big Gabby is. I miss them . Pass on little luvs from us.

SOOOOOON....we are coming for a visit!! MO

Ashley said...

Your girls are so cute. I love that outfit Gabby has on.