Monday, March 17, 2008

Girl's Night Out

Well, to say I am exhausted is a complete understatement! Girl's Night Out was on Saturday and it was totally fabulous. Honestly, it was such a great weekend...I have (almost) no complaints! (hehe) It's just those little things that you can't control, like the weather, that I would have changed if I could've. Poor Janet...we tried to convince her that the weather really does get nice here, but I'm not sure if she believed us!

And speaking of Janet, she is just plain awesome. Kim and I picked her up from the airport on Friday morning (it started snowing as soon as she stepped outside!) and the 3 of us just talked and talked and talked all day! I think we managed to get some eating, shopping and even pedicures in there somewhere, but we were typical couldn't shut us up! It was so much fun.

I would share more if I could, but I'm about to fall asleep at the computer right now! Head on over to the GNO blog for a full review of the night, and let me know what you thought of it!!


And P.S...Kim, I love you!!! It was so much fun to do this with you, thank you for EVERYTHING. You're the best!!


Anonymous said...

how fun!!!! I've heard great stuff about Sat. Night. Way to go.

luv ya!! MO

Anonymous said...

looks like tons o fun! wish i could have come. you two are amazing!

Kara said...

ooohhh...looks like there was fun, fun, fun to be had by all!!
great event, and i can't wait to til the next goodie inspiration is up!

Anonymous said...

fun stuff babe! love seeing the pictures...i wish i was there! see ya soon, niki

Jamie said...

Love the photos and review from your fun event this weekend. The next time you are going to have to bring the show down to Alabama. We have great weather!! You girls would love it down here. (Oh and we have a Target, Ikea, and lots of other fun stuff.) Have I convinced you yet? :)

Kim said...

Love ya Tal! You know I couldn't have done this with anyone else! You rock!!!