Friday, April 11, 2008

happy stuff

Today's post is simply about some of my "happy stuff"...


I got these super cute little bowls at Anthroplogie last week. Love the colors and the size, and they were cheap, too! That store is so awesome, if only I could afford the clothing there...ya, right! Anyways, I'll be using these in my scrapbook room for something...if anything, they just make me happy to look at!

{photo carousel}

My photo carousel from Pottery Barn that I FINALLY got. (I can't find a link to it right now...I'll add it when I find it!) I've been wanting one of these forever...I had it shipped to my sister in Houston, and then shipped to me here (Pottery Barn only ships to the states). I love it! I was originally going to use it my scrapbook room to store cards and whatever else, but I need it to be somewhere where everyone can see it. So I have it our family room, and it's fun 'cause it's so easy to switch out pictures and postcards to keep it updated and fresh. (And Graham was so cute...he was like, "You can make mini albums to go in it, too!!" Gotta love my scrapbooking husband.)


This was one of my favorite purchases from Target. My mother-in-law got me towels similar to these for Christmas, so when I was in Target last week I went on a hunt to see if they had anymore...they didn't have the ones she got me, but they did have these ones which match my bathroom perfectly, so I got 4. For only $4.99 each, they were such a steal. Where in Canada could you find towels this cute and good quality for that price??? Good thing I brought an extra duffel bag to bring stuff home in!

{2008 calendar}

This is something I've been meaning to share since January and just have never gotten to 2008 calendar. I loved my calendar so much from last year that I had to so another one. It's a 9x9 Heidi Swapp calendar, I love this size. Basically at the end of every month I do a page using photos that were taken that month, and then I fill in and embellish the calendar bottom as well. This is such a great and easy way to document an entire year, and it guarantees that I actually get some current pages done. I have it hanging right next to my makes me so happy!

Hope you're all having a happy Friday, and stay-tuned for another post of our trip to the hairdresser's this morning!



Anne Thompson said...

Oh so cute! SO many fun things to look at! I LOVE the photo carosal :)

s a n s k u :) said...

Cute stuff! I wish we had all the stores they have in the States. *sigh*

Love the calendar idea.

Marianna said...

Oh such cute stuff! That calendar is awesome!

Anonymous said...

the photo carousel looks awesome!! now i might need one. miss you,
- niki

Bobbi-Jo said...

Oh, your calendar is stunning!! I absolutely LOVE it! You've got the mad talent, girl!