Tuesday, June 03, 2008

pictures and projects

Well, good weather is finally here and I am officially becoming a crappy blogger! That always happens in the spring and summer for me...I have a hard time focusing and making myself do things...it's much more fun to be outside with my kids!

I've been wanting to share this little mini album that I did at our scrapbook night in June...it is 100% inspired by Kim's project that she did at the Goodie Box last month...when I saw it, I had to make one for myself, and I thought it worked perfectly for Payton's birthday pictures. Thanks, Kimmy!

(You can see the rest of the album here.)

And another simple page that I did a while back...nothing too exciting, but I least I got the memory in my scrapbook, right?

And some pictures that I snapped of the girls today...man, that Gabby is a hard one to take pictures of! She was running away from me the entire time...just wanted to play!

Off to put the kids to bed...this day has flown by. Whew!



Joanne said...

your girls are adorable Talia! Cute album too. have fun in the sun. who knows how long this might last.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pages Talia!! You are absolutely right...it is all about capturing the memory and getting it into a scrapbook...that's all that counts. You said that your page is nothing too exciting...but that is not true. It totally made me excited!! It's beautiful!! And your girls are as gorgeous as always!!
~Lindsay P.

s a n s k u :) said...

Cute album, cute girls... The usual. :)

Jamie said...

Cute mini album!

Love the photos of your little girls. When you learn the trick to get them to sit still let me know. Ha!

Anne Thompson said...

Loving the pink album :) I have how you do so much layering! That''s great that you are having some nice weather, we are still getting rain in BC :(