Thursday, June 12, 2008

a quick share...

If you haven't been to the Goodie box yet this month, it's all about fabric. I posted this pillow today, you can see more images here. I just love's been fun to play around with it this month and challenge myself a little bit. Now there are so many projects I want to do...if only there were more hours in the day!

June has been a crazy month. Payton had her last day of ballet yesterday and her year-end recital is this Saturday...let's hope all goes well and we don't have another incident like this one. Aaaahhh!!

So did anyone watch "so u think u can dance" last night? Aaaaahhh! Love it! It's hard to tell who my favorites are so far, but there were definatley some that stood out to me more than others...we'll see what happens tonight!

I'm busy today cleaning my house and just trying to get my life in order (thanks mom for watching the girls today). I was reading this post of Maggie's the other day and I totally relate...I go crazy when my house is a disaster, but I could honestly follow my kids ALL DAY LONG and clean up after them. Trying to find the balance between having a clean house and still finding time to play with kids without everything being a complete disaster. Is this even possible?

Anyways...excited for Father's Day this Sunday. I've already got Graham's gift (hope he likes it!) and I even made something for him yesterday, too, that I LOVE. I'll share those things later! Next week will be another busy week and then Gray, Payton and I are headed to the happiest place on earth. I can't wait...I need to get away and I can't wait to see this place from a child's perspective again. Payton will be in heaven. And Gabby will, too...being spoiled by nana for a week is just as good! (thanks again, mom!)

Okay, off I go to clean a little bit more before everything gets messy as soon as the kiddies get home! hehe!



Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see all your pics and hear about your many stories when you get back!

Anne Thompson said...

I just read the reindeer story!! haha. Have a great time at Disney!

Anonymous said...

hope the recital went well...and hey, if not, it always makes for good stories! can't believe it's almost time for your trip. Payton will finally get to stay at the "hotel" she's been talking about. ha ha.