Saturday, July 12, 2008

at the track

Last weekend the girls and I went out with daddy to a track about 45 minutes out of town to watch him dirt bike. Kim, Cody and Ryker were there, too, and let me tell ya, keeping track of those little kiddies was no easy task! Well, I have to admit, I think it was easier to watch my two then it was for Kim to watch Ryker...he was just running all over the place and so FAST! It was hilairious. The kids had fun and each got a turn on the bike with daddy. Payton keeps asking when she gets her, in about 5 years, sweetie. Longer than that if I have anything to do with it! Hehe!

Anyways, I took a couple pictures, I love this first one of Gabby. It is so rare that I can actually get her looking at the camera and smiling, too! She just hates the camera and it makes me so sad 'cause she's so dang cute! Her and Payton are complete's fun to really see the differences in their personalities as they get a little bit older everyday.

The summers going by just a little too quickly for me! Hard to believe that the middle of July is creeping up on us already. We've been having lots of fun. On Wednesday my sister and I took a day trip to Calgary with our girls to go to the zoo. We had such a good time. I love going places with Karly and Winter 'cause my kids love them and they're such a big help. And guess what....NO PICTURES!!! I was so mad...I charged my battery the night before, packed my camera...and then when I went to take pictures...I had forgotten to put the battery back in! AAarrrggghh! Talk about annoying. What is with me and cameras lately? Anyways, we saw so many fun animals, they were just amazing. The major highlight was the gorillas, though. A baby gorilla was just born in April and oh, my goodness, it was the cutest little thing I have ever seen. It was so funny how the mama just dragged and bounced her around all over the place. We could have watched them forever....those gorillas are major show-offs!

Anyways, I've been fighting a mega cold this week which has totally been draggin' me down. Just no energy and all I want to do is sleep. I even skipped out on my high-school reunion tonight...I know I am such a pooper! But you know what, I'm in touch with all of my good friends still, I'm even going to another friends wedding in August...I just couldn't bring myself to get ready and be social tonight. Computers and movies are much more fun (wink).

So, there you go. The weekly update. Exciting stuff, hey?



Lindsay Dawne said...

Beautiful pics Tal! You are so right, the one of Gabby at the top is too precious!! Hope you get better soon!! Hmmm....sick at home with a cold...definitly an excuse to whip out the scrapbook stash. A definite pick me up for sure and probably one of the best remedies I know! haha!

Anonymous said...

awwww- so cute!! can't wait to see them in september!!
- niki

Anonymous said...

Hi Talia
I just had to laugh at the battery incident....been there than that...the worst feeling ever for us camara crazy people.
It sounds like you are enjoying your summer and your girls are sooo adorable.
Love reading your blog...
take care
Sylvia Urbina
Grande Prairie

Anonymous said...

hey tal great pics. sorry to hear that u r sick. i am such a crapy friend not keeping in touch. always thinking of you. i loved my samples u sent. do u have a web site i could go to. logan keeps on getting a dry scalp, wondering if u have anything i could use.also i will b home for x mas dec 22 -jan 2. hopefully we can get together. miss u. u have 2 how do u do it. my one who is almost 8 months is a handful. any good advise. talk to you ya sunshine

Anonymous said...

by the way tal it is me cheryl. mom brain, not leaving my name to the long message i sent u

Kim said...

Such cutie girls :) Love them!! And funny how the girls are so different from the boy...hey? haha!

Jamie said...

Cute pictures!

Hope you start to feel better soon!

By the way... What is your favorite photo editing/organization software?