Wednesday, August 06, 2008

a quick post...

I'm sitting here on my couch unable to tear myself away from the tv and thought I would do a quick post. I just finished watching "so you think you can dance" and oh, my!!! Amazing. I am so sad that this season is going to be over tomorrow, it has by far been my favorite. In my honest opinion, I want Katee or Joshua to win...they have both been amazing ALL season. I think Katee hit the major jackpot for awesome choreography every single week! Anyways, I just love that show...I wish I could vote!!

I haven't exactly been feeling "on top of the world" for the past little while and Kim came by this morning with a picnic for the kiddies to eat and play was so nice! Thank you, Kimmy! It was nice to visit and to have a change in our routine. (and thanks to my mama for helping out with my kids so much, too!)

We're off to Montana on Sunday for a week at the cabin...I can't wait. Sunshine, relaxation and Target. Oh, ya.

Be back soon.


Anne Thompson said...

I haven't watched this season, I prefer Dancing with the Stars!! Have fun at the cabin!! I'm hitting up Target this week when I go to the States! I LOVE target!

diane said...

I agree's been a good season of SYTYCD... I love Twitch...but think Katee is the most trained/talent left on the show! Hope you are feeling better soon... enjoy your American visit...and Target, too!
Take care
Diane R.

Anonymous said...

wish we could be at the cabin too, but we'll see you in sept.! feel better babes,-nik

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys will be having some fun cabin time this year. Hope the weather is great and that there's lots of goodies at Target (and we know there always is!).
xo, Jody

s a n s k u :) said...

Thank goodness for good friends and family. Hope Montana gives you a chance to fill your energy reservoirs.

I had a feeling Joshua would win. Teenage girls always vote for guys more. I liked Twitch because he was so goofy. Joshua was often cracking me up too so... I thought it was nice that he won since he came from such a poor background.

Target... When ARE they going to come to Canada?!!!!!!!

Have fun.

ps. Costco had Meyer's books so I'm all set now. No need to borrow books... LOVE THESE BOOKS!!

Maurita said...

hope Echo was good to you. Will have to track you down soon....