Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i'm still here!

Why, oh why is it so impossible for me to blog lately? I am so lame. First of all, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who left such nice comments on my last post. Yes, I am officially crazy...we are going for number 3. Haha! I'm about 14 and a half weeks right now, and the pregnancy is moving along, I guess...honestly, pregnancies are NO FUN for me. I am just super-sick and super-tired and super-lazy. Sounds like I'm a ton of fun, right? Oh, my poor husband. So honestly, that has been the major reason for my lack of blogging, and basically my lack of doing ANYTHING all summer! I am somewhat starting to feel better, but like I said, just not a fun time for me...I've been busy trying to stay on top of the day-to-day...and it seems like I haven't been able to do much else. Don't worry, things are good and I'm very happy, I'm just an exhausted pregnant momma lately!

So just what have we been up to? Oh, the usual...we have settled into our fall routine and I am loving it. Payton has playschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings which she is loving. I am so happy for her when I pick her up and she tells me everything she is great. And on Wednesday mornings she has her tap/ballet class which she is loving as well. Look at how cute???

Gabby and I have fun running errands and just doing whatever while Payton is busy in the mornings...I am thankful for this time I have with "just her" until the baby comes. It is still hard to believe that my little Gabbs is going to be a big sister...aaah! She is my baby. I wish I had a perfect picture of her to share but the child will NOT let me photograph her! It is quite funny actually, she sees the camera and runs...*sigh*...she going to have learn sometime soon!

And this was cute...while I was cleaning the kitchen the other day the girls were using my little water spraying thingy at the sink as a microphone...this kept them busy forever!

Thanks for stopping by! I wish I could promise regular posts, but like I said, I'm just taking things day by day right now...I'll be back now and then, and hopefully things will start getting a little more normal for me.




Charin said...

Aww, congratulations!!! :) :) I'm just a few weeks ahead of you (16 1/2 weeks)
and I SO hear you about being miserable, this pregnancy has been really hard on me. My dr. even has me on medicine that is normally given to chemo patients to help with my sickness!
But they're worth it :)
Take care of you, and congrats again!

jjjourneyahead said...

Hey Talia! I remember you and little Gabby from the first Creative Escape....
I am pregnant and (was) very sick as well, but this time around my dr. prescribed a prenatal B6 vitamin combined with a half of a Unisom pill at night and it has made all the difference. I'm 20 weeks, and started getting sick around 7 weeks....but since I started taking the combination, I feel so much better....I've been telling all my pregnant friends to check with their doctor about it.....mine swore it was totally safe. Rest up! Jamie

Anonymous said...

Congrats on baby #3. Your girls are adorable!

diane said...

I LOVE the little TAPPINESS pic of Payton!! tutu cute! And oh my the singing in the the sink tap too... adorable... do take care...
Diane R.

Bobbi-Jo said...

Oh please don't feel bad about posting less often - believe me, we all understand!! I remember being so, so tired when I was in my early pregnancy stages, almost like I had taken sleeping pills or something! Exhausting!!

I'm so excited for you, and hope everything goes swimmingly. Your kiddos are pure sweetness and I'm sure this new addition will be no different :) I have to admit, I'm mostly looking forward to seeing the adorable newborn pics you'll b e posting. LOL! Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

hey sunshine your girls are too cute for words. i am sorry to hear that you are feeling so yucky. i hope things get better. i wish i lived near by , i would come over and help you out all the time. take care of your self. iand i hope to see you over the holidays. love ya cheryl

the goodie box girls said...

Those little girlies are just too cute! Luv them!!!

Kim :)

Andi said...

ha ha! Thanks for sharing the video...absolutely adorable!

Hope you are feeling better really soon! :D