Monday, October 20, 2008

san francisco

So, I have been away. Like, actually out-of-town. That is my excuse this time for my lack of blogging. (haha)

Back in September sometime Kim and I booked a trip on a whim to San Francisco...we've both always wanted to go there and we found cheap flights and a good hotel, so off we went. It was lots of fun. San Francisco is an amazing city...lots of touristy stuff to do and CRAZY shopping. Like, every store you could imagine. So that's basically what we did...shopped, ate, walked around and ate some more. It was nice to have a little last one for a loooong time, I'm sure. And yes, I am getting fatter...ugh. I'm just at that stage that I just look FAT, not quite pregnant yet. Oh, the joys!

It's always so nice to come home after being soon as we left the airport, we headed to Red Robin's for dinner for Gray's birthday. Going to restaurants with the girls is always interesting, we never quite know what their behavior is going to be like. But luckily I had "presents" from my trip to keep them busy and patience as I hadn't seen them for a few days, so it was fun.

I have been soooo busy since I got home on to-do list is piling up, and the next thing after blogging is cleaning my studio. It's become nothing but a dumping ground for the last few months and it is time to get organised. Aaaahh!

Have a good week!!



Anonymous said...

yay - pictures!!! you don't look fat, you look perfect, as usual. you just feel fat. miss you like a mother!

Andi said...

I agree - you look great! Nice that you were able to have a little get-away before life gets more crazy! :)

s a n s k u :) said...

You lucky girls! I'm glad someone gets to do stuff like this. :)

Jamie said...

That sounds like such a fun trip! Glad you girls got to go together.

erin ;0) said...

YEAH Full House!

Anonymous said...

looks like u girls had a fun time. and tal you look great. how r u feeling? have some questions about arbone( i hope i spelled it right) i need i good cream for diaper rash any sugestions? talk to u soon cheryl

ps what is your new address and phone number