Tuesday, November 25, 2008

oh, bloggy blog...

Everyday I have blogging on my to-do list, and everyday comes and goes and my poor blog has been neglected. November has been such a busy month. Honestly, December won't be as busy for me as November has been, and December is supposed to be the busiest time of the year! I've been so busy with my calling in the Relief Society...we've had Christmas activities going on all month, and our big dinner and program is this Friday...after that, I will be able to breathe.

I actually managed to get out and get some Christmas shopping done on the weekend, so that was nice. It was already crazy busy with shoppers...I'm reminding myself not to go out again on a Saturday...I'll have to pawn my kids off on my mom one weekday and just plow through the rest on my list. Thanks, mama! (wink...as if she doesn't do enough for me already!)

Anyways, we've also been busy with re-painting and re-carpeting upstairs...and don't worry, Payton has already puked on the carpet and Gabby's already peed on it (that's another story!). We're breakin' it in early. Oy. Oh, and we put up our tree on Sunday night, and I even managed to make some Christmas cards this weekend, too. AAAaaahh! Like I said, busy-ness. And this week is still jam-packed. I'm just waiting for December to come!

Okay, I'm off to see "Twilight" tonight with my sis, Janna and Sanna-Miina. Yay!

Tal xo

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s a n s k u :) said...

Abracadabra! Trying to wave some magic here so you'd have more time. :)

Last night was fun. We need to do that more often. Just us girls.