Saturday, December 06, 2008

somthin' simple

If you want to make some simple decorations but don't want it to be too involved or messy, then here's your project! I picked up these cutie-cute mini Jenni Bowlin cards a few weeks ago at the scrapbook store and knew exactly what I was going to do with them. Just punch a hole in the top, and tie some ribbon through. So easy! (The ribbon is Martha Stewart.)

I was looking at my to-do list from my last post and I've done pretty well. I finished decorating my house on Wednesday (?) night so that was nice. I can't believe how many Christmas decorations I've collected over the years. I didn't pull it all out this year, it just felt too overwhelming for some reason, but even so, we have a lot of decorations up! And Graham and I went out last night and finished most of our Christmas shopping so that's a relief. There's something about knowing that I don't need to brave the stores before Christmas that's very satisfying. Whew! And on the to-do list for on Christmas cards and go to our Christmas party at the church tonight. That will be fun. December is so jam-packed, but in a good way. This year has been fun because both of my kids know what's going on and they're just so excited about Christmas. We've been watching all the classic Christmas movies (I love my PVR!) so that's been getting us in the spirit. And yesterday we went to my mom's church and saw all of the nativity displays that they set up every was so nice! Gabby loved pointing out all of the Baby Jesus' and it was just a perfect Christmas activity. Busy, busy, busy times I tell ya.

Anyways, off to work on Christmas cards. Have a great weekend!



Charin said...

You are awesome! :) I haven't done hardly any decorating this year, having a rough pregnancy has really worn me out..I'll just have to make next years extra special :)

Kim said...

Cute stuff!!! I gotta get working on my cards now too! And didn't you just love the nativities!! It's always one of my favorite things about Christmas.