Monday, February 02, 2009

hanging valentine's

As promised, here are my "hanging valentine's" that I made on Friday. I had the urge to make something "valentine-y" after looking at all the fun new valentine-themed products that are coming out. So this is what I did, and I loooove them! (of course the cute girls in the pictures help, too. wink!)

I love how they just slightly twirl and cute!

Here's a look at where I have them hanging...above our island in the kitchen. (Yes, I totally should have emptied off my fridge for the sake of this picture, but what do ya do?)

I got the idea to hang ornaments like this from Becky Higgins last year, but instead of just hanging some kind of ornament I decided to make use of these cute pictures of the girls. (and they are simply hanging from the ceiling with little hooks and clear thread.)

Here are the "fronts" of the valentine's...

and the "backs"...

So here's what you do to create these on your own:

1. Cut 4 pieces of chipboard to 4x6".
2. Cut 4 pieces of patterned paper to 4x6".
3. Using a glue stick, adhere patterned paper to one side of chipboard, and a 4x6" photo to the other side. Distress edges.
4. Embellish valentine's as desired. (I chose to just add glittered and chipboard hearts.)
5. Punch a small hole in the bottom of valentine and hang a dangly embellishment.
6. Punch a hole at the top and tie a ribbon and decorative pin to finish off your valentine.

(supplies: patterned paper: Heidi Swapp, Making Memories, Love, Elsie; pins: Making Memories; chipboard hearts, ghost hearts, chandelier crystals: Heidi Swapp; other: ribbon)

I am all about keeping things simple, and trust me, this project was very simple! If I was able to do it with my 2 year old and 4 year old running around me, then you can do it, too! Valentine's day is just around the corner...there's still lots of time to whip something cute up. And if you're looking for a couple other Valentine's day ideas then look here and here.

Happy Monday!

Tal xo

P.S. I made a mirror album of Payton this weekend, too. You can see the entire album here!

Just a few notes about the "mirror albums":
-they are made by Heidi Swapp
-you can find some here
-they measure 5x7"
-the only "mirror" on the album is the actual cover (I've slightly spray-painted both of mine)
-you can create your own inner pages, or use Heidi's clear inner pages like I did to embellish and layer you pages!


diane said...

Hi Talia...
OK... I LOVE all of your craftiness!!! So cute...and what adorable pics of your girlies, too! Love their socks! so fun!

s a n s k u :) said...


Anonymous said...

that's way cute tal! and i'm totally diggin' the new bloggy banner!

Juli P said...

The things you whip up are so crafty and cute. I just love your new blog header too. What did you use to make that?
I wish I could just whip stuff out of Photoshop like you do . . .

Kim said...

So cute!!!

chanel said...

they are gorgeous!

Amelia said...

These are cute!

peata said...


Lindsay Bateman said...

Your albums, projects and photos are stunning! You are so talented...and your blog header is too sweet for words! Did you take the girls photos? They are wonderful! Thank you for sharing so much "happy" stuff! Love love your blog.

Talia said...

To answer a couple questions:

Yup, I took the valentine's pictures of the girls myself. The hearts were simply hand-cut from sheets of 12x12 cardstock. Nothin' fancy!

I created my blog banner from the "negatives" digital kit from

Hope that helps some of you out,

Kelly's 3 said...

do you have an in-home studio? I am totally in awe of your plain backgrounds.
Great shots!