Monday, March 02, 2009

holy cute!

Monday, Monday, Monday...the start of another week. I've lost track of time since I've been so busy and I can't believe it's Monday again already...but that's a good thing. Graham gets home tomorrow night, so I'm counting down. Haha!

I bought these adorable winter jackets for all 3 of my girls (eek! 3!!) at Children's Place this weekend. Regular $55 and they were on sale for $9.99! How awesome is that? Love me a good sale. They're actually for next year, but they were so cute, I couldn't resist taking some pictures. Well, Gabby refused, but Payton let me take a couple. And then I had to scrap them, too. (thanks to Elsie for the inspiration for the title...that's what I say everytime I look at those jackets!) Serious cuteness! I am in love with the hearts and the color very happy!

Anyways, I'm 37 weeks and counting. Graham thinks we should have the baby this week...if only we could just "decide" when the baby comes, right? Me...well, I'm thinking I could use another week of sleep. I'm ready, but not *quite* ready yet...the two I have are keeping me busy enough!

Okay, gotta run...lots more to come. I'm hoping to finish up the baby's room by this weekend and a fun announcement is on the way, too!

Happy Monday...hope it's a cute one!



niki said...

holy cute is right girl!! and i love your new pic to the side. presh!!

jessica said...

talia, the pink swirls on the bottom- is that a stamp?? i love it! cute page!

Lindsay Bateman said...

gorgeous page! your daughter is a doll. I love the colors you used fun! Made me get in the "spring" mood. Hope you are doing well in these final days before the little one!:)

diane said...

Ah very cute.... love all the colors...and Payton is a very co-operative and adorable model, too! Your new profile pic on this blog is too cute as well... you sure don't look big for almost due! Enjoy your time and REST till new baby comes... all the best! CUTE!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the baby!

Sarah said...

What a CUTE page of your pretty little girl!
Take it easy & good luck with everything! :)

chanel said...

love it ... so cute! good luck with the delivery if you do go early! you will be a champion!
luv chanel

Kim said...

So cute :)

Pati said...

Your Blog it's Perfect!!! I Love your Foto :)