Monday, June 29, 2009

got any questions?

Kay, first things first...I've been thinking for a while now about doing a "question and answer" post. I seem to get questions every now and then, and it's hard for me to stay on top of them and answer them all, SO....

...if you have a particular question for me, then ask away in the comments below (nothing TOO personal, please!) and I'll answer them to the best of my ability in a separate post later this week. Sound good?

On to other things...I had anxiety all weekend over whether or not Payton should go to kindergarten this fall. See, I had originally planned on doing one more year of playschool with her, and then kindergarten the year after that. But lately, I've just been noticing how READY she is to go. She can read and write all of letters and numbers, she spells her name and all of our names, she's confident, she has no speech or hearing issues, she can sit quiet and be attentive with her teachers. So anyways, to make a long story short, I missed all of the kindergarten's open houses and registrations for schools in our area, but my sister and I went out this morning and registered her in a morning class with 3 of her little church friends. So I'm happy. And feeling less stressed. I'm sad that she's going to be away from me 5 mornings a week, but she is ready and she'll love it and I just want to do what's best for her. So that's that.

Oh, and I totally got hooked on the Bachelorette this weekend. It was ridiculous. I had recorded every episode of this season so far on our DVR and hadn't started watching any of it yet and then this weekend I started watching and couldn't stop. Is anyone else watching??? Man, Jillian has made some bad decisions, people!! Who is she going to end up with??

It also just hit me that we're leaving for Montana in less than a week. What? I'll have to think about packing and laundry and cleaning at some point, I guess. But for now, it's play dough and quiet time with my girls!



Lindsay Bateman said...

GORGEOUS photo! Wow! Love it.

As for do you make your photos large on your blog? do you store all of your mini albums/scrap pages?

Share only if you'ld like ;)

.Ang. said...

I just wrote a post last night about the Kindergarten Blues. Nice to know i'm not alone!

robineilene said...

First off, I love your blog! Without sounding like a complete stalker, I would love to spend a day with you and learn all your scrapbooking and photo editing tips and tricks!

With that said, my question has nothing to do with scrapbooking! :) Where do you get all your girls bows? The big flower ones that are so adorable!

(By the way - I linked to you from Heidi Swapp's blog!)

Amanda DeHoog said...

I would love if you could find out where that super cute little tutu-diaper cover came from . . . I've been obsessing about it ever since I saw it on here! I also think you should open up an etsy shop with all of the cute things you make!

s a n s k u :) said...

I had an aha moment this past week too. I love being with Sienna but I just realized that going to play school would be great for her. She needs to play with kids her age, not with her momma all the time. I was holding on to her as long as I could but it's time. Snif.

I've been watching Bachelorette. Every time I vow I won't watch this stupid show again (.."This is the final rose. When you're ready..." GRRRRRRHHHH! How stupid do they think we are.) but then nothing else is on and I start and can't stop once I've started. I record it though so I can skip all the hot tub etc scenes. So not interested seeing other people make out. Gross. :) I should correct that - if it's Edward and Bella, I can totally handle it. :)

Yeah, Jillian keeps saying she has good instincts about people but... We'll see. I don't have much faith in people finding their true love this way but it's fun to see them try. :)

Questions...? I'm sure other people will ask tons so I'll skip. My mind just went blank. :)

lisa said...

Hi I love your blog and your scrapping style and I been lovin the envelope that you put on your layouts as I am a big journaller and I dont always want everyone to read it or sometimes it doesnt fit on my layout. What I was wondering is do you make your own ones or do you buy them and are the acid free or not Keep up the great work and us mums will always worry about the right choices for our children thats what makes us loving mums.

Amelia said...

I'm so hooked on the Bachelorette too! I'm rooting for Kiptyn and Jesse; either one's mighty fine for her /=) I couldn't believe she sent Jake home.

Anonymous said...

Hello! what type of camera do you use, did you take any course and how long have you been playing with your SLR and what actions do you use on your photos

Anonymous said...

Your photos are AMAZING. You are making such great memories of your kids and family! Love them. What photo editing program do you have? Do you use any scrapbooking programs?

Kelly's 3 said...

I have a question!
How do you get the black background for the pics you take? Is it an actual background or a photoshop trick. If ps, I have the newest version of elements and I can get a book if it explains it. I have googled it but can't find anything!

Megan Harvey said...

Just one question - Can you please come clean my house?

nichole said...

Just wondering where you get your photoedges? I have a few digital kits that I've used, but none that I'm super happy with. I'm familiar with all photoediting, ect... I just need to know where! (or did you make them yourself?)

Amber said...

I've been watching this interesting season of The Bachelorette too. I was so bummed that I missed it tonight! We are staying with a friend and I forgot to set the DVR, so I guess I'll have to catch it online tomorrow. I like Kiptyn, but I have this feeling that Ed might be coming back. I couldn't believe she sent Jake home. And Wes, well he's just bad news! Guess we'll see!

My question is what printer you use to print your colored scrapbooking pages and kits?

Melissa :) said...

I am hooked on The Bachelorette. First season I have ever watched it from start to finish! I think it can get pretty 'icky' sometimes, so I leave the room during intense makeout sessions. ;o)

I think I asked you this long ago but I'll ask again -

Where do you shop for your girls?

Lovin' that baby's hair!!! :)

Jamie said...

Please show us your backdrop set up for all your photos. You do such a great job with them.

Also would love to know about your camera and favorite lens.


Juli P said...

I just want to compliment you on your lovely photos you've posted in the last couple of weeks! They are gorgeous. I started reading your blog via the Goodie Box a while back (and miss it, loved all the ideas that I got!) and have been just checking back to see your photos.
Your girls are such girly girls and so pretty, their hair is amazing! congrats on your new baby girl. so cute!
I recognize lots of your photoshop stuff from the House of 3 and love that site too.
My question, do you use any photoshop actions in your workflow? I assume so, but am curious what you use. Thanks!

kyla said...

I love the vintagy masks on your photos! Where do you get them? Welcome to Montana in advance! I've moved away before but always come back. We truley do have a beautiful state!


Janay said...

I second the comments about asking where you get all the flowers and bands for your girls hair...they are beautiful!!
Oh, and You rock :)

jessica said...

hmmmm....a question???!!
Well, I would like to know what a typical day in your house looks like. I like to ask other Mom's that. Just curious how you tackle afternoon boredom and all that stuff.
Plus, I want to know about your black backdrops too! I love them!! how do you do them and how do you do white as well? You take GORGEOUS pictures, did you take a course about your SLR camera?

Holly said...

Hi Talia
I recently came across your blog from Heidi's blog and have been addicted. You take the most amazing pictures and your girls are so cute! I had a couple of questions...I am new to DSLR cameras and Photoshop and was just wondering if you use actions on your photos and if so where are they from and also I was wondering how you do the header on your blog. Is that out of Photoshop?

A quick note on the Bachelorette...I always watch and just wanted to give you and your blog followers a site to check out that will explain a lot about the show. It may change your view of the show so just keep that in mind if you read this site. There are sometimes spoilers on there too. It will explain a lot about Wes from last night! It is Check it out!
Thanks for answering some of our questions!

Color [Me] Happy said...

I would like to know what camera you are currently shooting with and also what actions from Photoshop do you have to enhance your photos. They look wonderful. One last one, what actions in photoshop do you use on your photos? Like the photo in this post. I love the frame and also the rounded edges that are used on your blog title. Thanks for all the answers! Happy Canada Day to U!


heidi said...

I love the flowers you use to make your girls hair band (i'm assuming you make them) where do you get those lovely flowers?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you hang the tissue paper pom poms? I have some that I would love to hang but I am not sure how. Thanks for your help!

Kipa said...

First time here. Love your blog already! :)
My english is not so great,hope you can understand me..

You have so beautiful girls,lovely!!! and the baby,uuu.lots of hair,cute! <3

My one year old,she has no hair at all ;) I have 2boys, and 2girls.

Have a nice day!

Renee said...

no questions dear Talia! Just a comment - we need to get together and do some scrapbooking with Janna and that crew again sometime soon! It was a lot of fun! Love reading your blog!

britt said...

Love your blog! My question is also about what camera & lenses you use. You take some incredible photos and would love to know how you do it!