Friday, July 24, 2009

the "dora" party

So yesterday we had the much anticipated "Dora" party for Gabby's 3rd birthday. To sum it all up, it was just sooooo much fun and Gabby was in absolute heaven. My heart just melted for was so nice to see her be in the spotlight for once. (it was a loooong year for her, watching Payton go to playschool and dance lessons and all of the extra stuff that goes along with those.) And Payton was a fabulous big sister...she was so great about it being "Gabby's day" and "Gabby's party". We just had fun, fun, fun!

Some random thoughts about the party:

Gabby loves Dora, so we went with the Dora theme to the absolute extreme. Thank you, Dollorama!

Love that my girls have mutual friends...everyone played nicely and got along.

Didn't take the greatest pictures...turns out that running the party and taking all the pictures isn't exactly easy. Wish Daddy wouldn't have been camping. Oh, well, some pictures are better than none, right?

Why decorate a cake when kids have way more fun decorating cupacakes themselves? Will do this again for sure. (I despise making/decorating cakes.)

The Dora aprons that Nana made were a hit. The girls looked so stinkin' cute. Thank you, Nana!!!

Morning parties are where it's at. Cleaned the house the night before, woke up, had the party, done before noon. The girls played with Gabby's gifts for the rest of the day. Loved it!

In the future, I won't be telling the girls when their party is coming up...the day of, it'll be, "Guess what? It's your party today!" (the anticipation almost killed both of them, and in turn, me!)

Searched the city for Dora party hats and couldn't find any anywhere. Turns out the kids had fun decorating their hats with stickers instead!

Was so grateful to everyone that came...thank you so much!

It was so fun to have this little party for Gabby. Like I said, she was just thrilled and thought it was the greatest party ever. I can't believe she's going to be 3 next week! That is just utter craziness. My babies just keep on getting older. AAAahhh!

Okay, just wanted to share about the party. And on the schedule for today....nothing.

xo Tal


Lindsay Bateman said...

What FUN photos. Lucky girl she is. This post really made me want to be 3 years old again. Very cute!:)

s a n s k u :) said...

the party was great! sienna did have fun even though she was too shy to show it. in the car she was so excited about the things in her gift bag.

i took some pictures of gabby at the party. i'll send them to you when i get a chance to go through my pictures.

niki said...

cute party tal!!! i'm so glad gabs got to have a day just for her!

diane said...

absolutely a"DORA"ble! I love a theme...and you do it up just right! Happy birthday to Gabby... glad the day was a success!
Diane R.

Jamie said...

The party looks like so much fun! Oh and tell your mom that she needs a blog for all those fun sewing projects that she does. :)