Saturday, August 01, 2009

why am i blogging?

It's 11:30pm. And I've felt the sudden urge to blog. Never mind that I still need to have a shower, clean the kitchen, and prepare my lesson for church tomorrow. Oy. I just wanted to share a couple recent layouts. I've been working on "filling in" some spaces in Payton's album. So the layout above is totally recent, and the layout below is from her first ballet class when she was still two years old. AAAaaahhh! It makes my heart absolutely ache to look at these pictures of her. So little and young and chubby and sweet. I remember this day first daughter taking her first ballet class. It was such an important part of our little history...I can't believe I had never scrapbooked it!

I kept things simple for this layout by going hybrid...I used the House of 3 collage templates and then the damask brushes to embellish the photos. I love hybrid scrapbooking!

Okay, I totally gotta get to bed. Night!



Maureen's World said...

LOVE this!!
Been peeking at your blog after going to Big Picture Scrapbooking and love lots of this!!

I just did a few layouts of my nine year old and then a few more from when she was 1's sooooo fun to create with the perspective of where we've been and where we now are!

Thanks for your inspiration!

Maureen Van Dusky

BIANCA said...

cute layouts!

i just got the college templates but im having trouble with it. do you have any tips and tricks on how your using yours?

niki said...

super cute tal!! can't wait to see these girls!!!

jessica said...

OK, can I please copy that first layout? I love love the quote and I am totally feeling that all centered in the middle and total symetetry thing. great job!!

Kim said...

So cute!! I gotta get scrapping soon...loving the layouts!

Lindsay Bateman said...

Gorgeous layouts Tal! I love the color schemes in both, and your hybrid work is amazing. Thanks for sharing, you always inspire me!:)

diane said...

very cute Talia... love the little first day of dancing. Payton has grown up since then... how fast they grow!
Your scrapbooking is always inspirational to me! thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Love you layouts! Just wondering if you print your photos at home? I want to start using the collage templates from HO3 but Im not sure how get the photos printed and which size works best when ordering them.

PS I check your blog daily! You inspire me all the time.