Friday, September 04, 2009

ready for anything!

Payton's very first day of kindergarten was on Wednesday, and as you can see by her pictures, she was ready for anything! I don't think it has ever been so easy to get her dressed and out the door...she was just so excited and ready to go!

I got to stay with her on her first day and I have to say, I am quite pleased with her school, classroom and teacher. I wasn't as anxious as I was when she started playschool last year...even though I'll always prefer for her to just be at home with me, seeing her so happy and excited just made me happy for her, too. There's always a bitter-sweetness to days like this...these simple little milestones that maybe don't seem like that big of a deal, but they so are. I am so proud of my little Payton. Who she is and who she is becoming. I've been a little emotional this week I have to admit, but not in a bad way. I really am ready for her to be where she is at today, but I just miss my baby sometimes. It is crazy how quickly life changes. I remember when it was just Payton and me at home during the days...we had nothing to do but play and sleep together, nowhere to be, no schedule to follow. And now all of the sudden there are two other little girls in the mix, kindergarten, playschool, naptimes, ballet classes and just life in general to keep us busy. It may not seem like it, but I truly am trying to keep our life as simple as I can. If it were my way, we wouldn't do anything...but that sure wouldn't fly with my kids! (wink) Gray and I have talked alot lately about the fact that we are truly at a point in our lives where our kids just have to come first. I am realizing that more and more as they get a little bit older and braver everyday...we are trying our best to put them first, to be happy for them and just to love them no matter what.

As parents, we had to fill out a little questionnaire about our kids on their first day, and one of the questions that was asked was "What do you as a family value?". I was kinda surprised that there was such a deep question on a little kindergarten form and almost found it impossible to answer in the two lines of space that were given, but thinking about it now, we truly just value eachother. At the end of the day, I don't care what kinds of grades my kids get throughout the years, what awards they do or don't win, what activities or sports or other things they are invlolved in...what matters to me is that we as a family just love and support eachother no matter what. Growing up, my sisters were my very best friends (they still are) and that is my wish for my girls. That when their friends are being mean or when they've had a bad day, they can always come home to their sisters and be loved and accepted.

Looking at these pictures of Payton I just can't help but wonder what this year holds for her. I know that she has amazing potential and I'm just proud of my big girl today.

Now it's time to wipe my eyes and get ready to do this all over again with Gabby next week. Wish me luck.



Bobbi-Jo said...

What a gorgeous, stylin' little kindergartener! She sure looks ready for anything!

I LOVE your answer for the questionnaire. Isn't it the truth? Good luck with Gabby next week!

s a n s k u :) said...

i don't think anyone could take any cuter first day of school pictures.

wise words too about what's important.

niki said...

awww- that post made me cry. i know EXACTLY how you feel!!!

Kim said...

Sweet message from her momma :) She looks so grown up!! Cute cute :)

me said...

can't believe she's in kindergarten, but boy does she ever look excited to go! hope things have gone well. osh will be starting playschool the end of January (when the new school year starts here) and I know I'm going to bawl my face off...and it's just playschool! that's okay, I also cried when both he and aviana started nursery too. and when we put him into a bed instead of the crib, and when we moved aviana out of our room and into sharing with osh. apparently i have a hard time letting my kids grow up! can't wait to hear all the adventures the girls will have this year. xo, jods

me said...

PS: why is this girl not on back-to-school billboards or something?! so stinking cute and can she ever work the camera!

Talia said...

ha, ha!! i know, jodes! she definately loves to pose! i honestly didn't tell her to do the hands on the hip thing, she just did that herself. she makes us laugh!!!
miss you guys! i seriously cannot believe that we get to see you in a couple months....aaaaahhhh! i can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said! You brought tears to my eyes too! Donna W