Saturday, October 31, 2009


Just a few pictures from our Halloween...

Pretty cute, hey?

The last few days has been jam-packed and fun with parties at school, dancing, church and friends houses, and yesterday we finished it all off with pumpkin-carving and trick-or-treating.

The kids are sad it's over, but mommy isn't! (wink)

Hope you all had a safe and happy halloween!



Jordana said...

Hey Talia, the girls costumes are adorable, and all your girls are too! Happy Halloween!

me said...

cute costumes! and i agree with jordana, cute girls too! glad you got to have some halloween fun. excited to see you all soon.
xo, jody

diane said...

I always love all your attention to every little detail!
the costumes, pics and girls are all fabulous!

Lindsay Bateman said...

Again, just truly adorable in every sense.
LOVE your H03 detailing.

jessica said...

super cute witches!!! I love em

Kim said...

The girls look so cute!! Adorable as always :)

niki said...

they looked A-DORABLE! i could just eat KK all up!!