Monday, October 26, 2009

okay, wow...

I realize it has been a while since I've updated the blog. Holy smokes. Time is flying by like crazy these days. Sheesh.

I promise to do a real blog post soon, but for now, a quick little update:

-this week is going to be all about Halloween around here. Lots of parties and activities. We're all getting excited.
-Just spent the whole evening uploading pictures to be developed. Man, that takes a long time. Watched SYTYCD and Dancing with the Stars in the meantime.
-Got back last night from my quick trip to Montana with Kim. We were so lame and didn't take any pictures, but Heidi twittered one of us in class here. Oh, and the weekend was awesome.
-Payton is suddenly getting so old. She's tall and skinny and smart and goes to school everyday. What the heck.
-Kherington is crawling around like crazy. It is just so funny. Nowhere is safe anymore!
-Gabby is keeping me busy, busy, busy. Age 3 is definately more challenging than 2!

Okay, I prooooooooomise that I'll be back soon. I want to share all the gorgeous projects we made this weekend!!

Tal xo

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Lindsay Bateman said...

Can't wait to "see" and hear all about it! Wanna see those projects!
And that pic of you both is extremely Cute!! :)