Sunday, October 11, 2009

so thankful...

...for these 3 three little munchkins. For filling my life and my home with craziness, noise, laughter and love.
...for family and friends.
...for my faith and belief in the Gospel. For eternal families and for a Savior who loves and knows each and every one of us.
...for my home.
...for hobbies that make me happy and allow me to be creative.
...for my mattress. I really, really love my pillow-top mattress. It's glorious.
...for a quiet weekend at home on my own. For the chance I had to breathe, sleep, clean and allow Kherington to get better without getting in and out of the carseat constantly. Even though I missed my little family and Thanksgiving with my sweet in-laws, missing everyone made me love them more.
...for a husband who knows me, loves me and puts up with me no matter what. He is my perfect match.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone. Eat lots of pumpkin pie!



Lindsay Bateman said...

Beautiful post Talia!
Sometimes we all definitly need a little "down time".

Anonymous said...

Your girls are too cute!

Kim said...

I hope Kherington is feeling better! So much to be thankful for, hey? Cute girlies :)