Sunday, December 13, 2009

i could just eat this face...

...i really could.

Oh, how this little bug just melts our hearts. She is definitely the queen of our house and loved by all.

We all fight for her attention. Even daddy. We do whatever it takes to make her laugh and smile. Although, it doesn't take very much 'cause she's just so darn happy all the time. Honestly. Right before this picture she fell on her head and Payton had her laughing minutes later. She is the best.

Everyone who sees her always mentions how happy she is and that they've never seen her cry. It's true. She only cries when something is wrong or when she's sleepy. She's just our happy happy little girl. If I could guarantee that our next baby would be as good as Kherington, I'd have another one in a second. HA. Daddy thinks differently, though. He seems to think that 3 daughters, a wife and a female dog are enough girls for him to deal with.

I suppose most days that is true. (wink)



niki said...

absolute crazy cuteness!!!!

Anonymous said...

just love that little face - could it too! kar kar

Eva said...

What a cutie... beautiful picture. Hi.. I thought I would come by and introduce myself... we are in Karen's class together in January. Looking forward to getting to know you. Merry Christmas.