Tuesday, February 23, 2010

just for fun

One of my favorite things is just getting my girls dressed up and taking lots and lots of cute pictures. These ones were for Valentine's Day, hence all the pink! Well....wait a sec, I guess I tend to use pink all the time anyways, right? Hee hee. Anyways, it was still fun and I got so many cute ones I couldn't narrow it down. Thank goodness Daddy was home to make everyone laugh...I am finding it harder and harder to photograph the three of them on my own! Busy, busy girls.

My intention was to get these photos done and make valentine's for our families and get them off in the mail, etc, etc, etc...but we only got as far as making them for the girls friends, so oh, well! This will have to do!



Anonymous said...

Hey Talia,
I was just wondering what you use for your backdrops. I know of it is Amy Butler Fabric, but what else do you use for colour backgrounds (pink one)? Love your photographs.

Nancy said...

They are just, sooooooooooooooo beautiful! Wow....... !!!

Lindsay Bateman said...



Juli P said...

gorgeous girls! that little one is so stinking cute! I am also curious about your backdrops and also how big of a space do you use for your shoots? natural lighting or flash? so cute!
I blog-lifted your valentines idea from last year and it was a huge hit at my kids schools. So cute!

jill marie barrett said...

awsome!! where did you get their outfits? they all look so cute!

diane said...

adorable girls and photos, too!
Loved em!

me said...

such cutie girls! my kids get so excited to look at pics of your girls, so thanks for posting lots!
xo, jody

The Heavenor's said...

Oh your girls are just toooo to cute! I can't believe how much hair Kherington has already! Its just adorable! And where is that awesome white frame from??? I want one like that for my front entrance!

niki said...

pure cuteness!!!

Starr Mercer said...

Adorable photoshoot!