Sunday, June 13, 2010

walking on sunshine

Just playing around on a Sunday morning...the only time when I don't feel like I should be doing a million other things!

Just a few pictures of Payton in her "Walking on Sunshine" costume. Isn't she sweet? And these photos are very fitting as we're finally getting a little sun around here. I love summer!

I decided to do my own photos of the girls in their costumes this year instead of the lame ones they get taken at the dance how they turned out, lots more to come! Gabby looks pretty cute in her costume, too. (wink) The girls had their dance recital on Friday night and they were awesome. It always amazes me how these little kids get up on stage with no fear and just go out there and don their thing. It was fun and Graham and I were so very proud of them. (and Kherington, too...she sat in the audience and clapped and shook her little booty the whole time! Haha!!)

Happy Sunday!

Tal xo

(Edited these photos using this technique by Rebecca Cooper!)


lindsey loo said...

she is a little piece of sunshine :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously cute! Thank you for having us at the recital, both of your girls lit up the room.

Kim said...

So cute!! Cute cute cute!! xox

Jessica said...

such cuties! I saw that photoshop technique on ucreate, it looks so cute.