Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a sweet little family

This cute family session is a must-see. How cute are these girls?

I've decided to stop feeling guilty about my lack of blogging as of late. It's summer. I'm supposed to be lazy, right? June honestly drained me, and I think I'm still recovering! We've been to visit my hubby's family and the girls got to camp with Grandpa, which was an absolute highlight for them. This week we've been playing outside as much as we can and just takin' it easy. Oh, and I've managed to "Eclipse" in the theatre 3 times now. Hee hee! I have a few shoots to do before we leave for Montana at the beginning of August and little Miss Gabby is turning 4 next week, so lots of fun things to look forward to. Hope your summers have been as wonderfully lazy as mine.


(I love summer feet.)


Paula said...

Talia, where were these photos taken. I would love to take my little guy to that bridge. He's a train freak and he would LOVE this covered bridge and bridge tressels.

Bobbi-Jo said...

I couldn't agree more. Summer is for taking it easy, enjoying time with the kids, soaking in whatever sunshine you can find, and easing UP on yourself. Your readers will be here regardless - and when you post, it's always very inspiring. Just like these latest photos! Gorgeous!