Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Audenart Girls!

We've had a busy few days with dressing up at dancing, school parties, carving pumpkins, Trunk-or-Treating and more. Lots and lots of fun, but....this mama is glad it's all over! Haha! Kept it simple this year with store-bought costumes and a little glitter for their "make-up"...they couldn't have been happier!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween!


(And what is "Trunk-or-Treating" you ask? Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, our church had a "Trunk or Treat" last night...everyone parks their cars in the church parking lot, opens their trunk, and the kids can go quickly and safely from trunk to trunk, trick-or-treating! It was so fun and easy...tons of people were there, people dressed up and decorated their trunks, there was hot chocolate to drink...I think we should do it every year!)


Sarah said...

Such cute girls! And yes, we should do it every year. As we were trunk or treating, Taylor said, "this is awesome, this is way better than trick or treating!" They still got too much candy and we were done in less than an hour!

me said...

Trunk or treat is the best!!! The girls look so cute. Sounds like it was a fun day. Can't wait to see you all soon. xo, jods

Kim said...

We did the 'photos on the front steps' this year too. It was all we had time for...haha!! The girls sure looked cute!! And my kiddies loved "trunk or treating" too!

niki said...

awww - look at my sweet nieces! that strawberry outfit is adorable!

alicia king said...

such cute girls you have!