Tuesday, November 30, 2010

little miracles


Another month gone by with almost no blogging. Yikes. My husband even suggested to me the other day that I update my blog because it's been so long. What is happening to me? Well, I'll ya. It's called being pregnant. (haha)

Before I go any further, thank you soooooo much to everyone for all of your sweet comments and words of encouragement! It's been an overwhelming couple of months to say the least, so it was nice to read through all of your congratulations. Thank you! Some days it feels totally normal that I'm pregnant, and then other days I still have those moments of, "What?!!?? Is this really happening??" It has been a crazy time. Pregnancy is not my favorite thing. Now, when I say that, it doesn't mean I'm not grateful...I know there are many out there who would give anything to be pregnant...it is just a really hard time for me. Constantly being sick takes it's toll...and I've especially felt the weight of that this time around while trying to take care of 3 little ones as well as myself. Let's just say that my husband is a lifesaver and the most patient guy ever!! He does way more than his fair share around here, so we are very very lucky girls!! We've had many a laugh about our situation right now...sometimes it's just easier to laugh about it all!

While browsing through the blogging world yesterday while KK was sleeping, I came across this amazing video. You must watch it....it made me cry, I admit. I've been so focused on getting through being sick and just asking myself the constant question, "Can I really take care of 4 children?" that I needed to be reminded of the absolute miracle that having a baby is. I loved all of my hospital experiances and remember the birth of each of my daughters perfectly. It is hard to believe that we'll be having another baby in May, but after watching that video and looking at these pictures of my own precious little newborns, it is giving me something to look forward to.

What a miracle these little babies are. Need I say more?



leslie s said...

So happy for you! Funny how life sends little "surprises" and miracles our way! Congratulations!

Rachel said...

I hear ya! I feel exactly the same way right now. ;) Beautiful pictures with your new babies.