Thursday, March 24, 2011

our little skiier

Payton learned how to ski for the very first time this past weekend and loved it so much! I need to give my kids more credit...I thought for sure she would hate it and that it would be too hard, etc, etc, etc....but she couldn't get enough of it. She and Daddy went out to the ski hill and I'm told she learned in no time. Now, everyday she's asking us if we can go, fun!

Good job, Pay!!!



niki said...

ha - i showed this to molly and she's all "what's skiing??" ah yes - i have texans.

Anonymous said...

Go Payton! That's awesome! I'm imagining all the daddy daughter boarding trips of the future. So fun! xo, Jody

Kim said...

Good job Payton!!

Liz said...

That is awesome!! What fun!