Friday, June 17, 2011

freaky friday

Poppin' in for another quick was "Freaky Friday" at Payton's school today, so we got our freak on while getting ready for school this morning...

(Although, I gotta me, she's looking more cute than freaky, but we won't tell her that, right? Hee hee.)

And these 2 would NOT be left, oh, no sir-ee!!!

My freakin' cute little girls.

*sigh* was a busy day.



Maren said...

This is freakin' adorable! Such beautiful girls! And what a fun Mom you are, going ALL OUT!

Sarah said...

I cannot believe how dang cute your girls are!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are just too adorable! :) And the last one of Payton she looks so big!

me said...

ah, what about crew? he's got enough hair to color too!! ha ha. cutie girls. love that they all had to get in on the action. xo, jody

Kim said...

Love those girlies!! Payton is way to cute to be freaky!! haha!! xox