Monday, June 27, 2011

life with crew

A few (well, a bunch) of snapshots from our first month with Crew. I can't believe how quickly time has flown since he got really isn't fair. Pregnant fro 9 whole months, and then bam, your baby is 6 weeks old already. Sheesh! Anyone who has been there, though, knows how busy life with a newborn is. Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

A few things about Crew in his first month:

he is super cute. (duh)

he loooves to eat. (he's the best eater of all my babies!)

because of all that eating he's a little porker...he's already 9 pounds!

the girls love love love him...I always have lots of help.

he loves to be held...he always prefers to be held rather than being in his swing or crib.

he's spoiled. (heehee)

kherington calls him "Baby Coo".

he eats at least once during the night.

his daddy loves him like crazy...they will be partners in crime, for sure!

he has 18 cousins.

he sleeps in a laundry basket at night beside my bed.

he has the loudest cry. for reals. (if you've heard it, you know what I'm talkin' about.)

he's probably my most demanding baby...he keeps me busy!

he melts our hearts over and over again.


We are so lucky to have this little guy! Everyone thought it was crazy that we were having a boy, but ever since he was born, he's just fit into our little family perfectly. Love you, Baby Coo!!



Brandi said...

Too cute!!! The girls look like they are sooo in love with their baby bro!!

Jordana said...

He really is a cutie! I love the laundry basket picture. Kepler slept in a laundry basket for the first couple months too and I regret that I never got a picture of it.

james @ agirlcalledjames said...

so adorable. the basket is such a good idea.

Maren said...

Your family is so beautiful! And you look super gorgeous! Keep it up and keep on posting... I'd like to know what life is like with four. ;)

Jason and Kamry Low said...

love little babies! so cute! i think boys just eat more. I'm finding that with my boy!

Ashley said...

He is so cute and sweet. I can't believe my active 16-month-old was that little not so long ago. What a sweetheart.

me said...

now that's what i've been waiting for! yay for lots of pics! he's such a cutie. the pic of him in the little sweater and jeans is to die for. all he needs is a little phone in his hand to be texting someone and he is his daddy! awesome! i'm with ya - can't believe how fast the time goes. too fast! xo, jodes

Suvi said...

So cute! <3

Sarita said...

He's so cute!

Rachel said...

He's precious! I love all the photos!

bron @ baby space said...

Just found your blog -- congratulations on your new wee one! Your photos (and you and your family) are just beautiful :)