Friday, July 29, 2011


Happy Birthday to the sweetest little 5 year old I know!!!

It is so hard to believe that 5 years have come and gone since we had our sweet little Gabby. There is never a dull moment when she's around and without her our family would be incomplete. We love this little munchkin so much...I wish she would stop growing up on us! She is so beyond excited to be starting kindergarten in the fall...I will be crying on the first day of school for sure. (heehee)

Happy Birthday cute girl! We love you sooooo much!!!



kaycee said...

I cant believe she is 5! We are in Red Deer now so maybe next time you are down visiting the in-laws we can play at the park, or when Im up there

Momma B said...

I still cry on the first day of school. I know I will this year when Emily heads off for High School. Enjoy your Gabby, she is precious!

Taskulaatikko said...

she looks just like you. youre blog is great! i come here every day to look if you post something new. sorry bad english, i`m from Finland :)
happy birthday to Gabby and greetings to you all :)


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful!

Maren said...

Thankfully I have another year before I start crying at the kindergarten school door. Good luck! I know I'm not looking forward to that. At least not yet! Why do they grow up so fast?