Wednesday, August 31, 2011

goodbye, summer.

goodbye to....

hot summer nights

playing with cousins

blowing bubbles

mosquito bites

painted toes

sleepovers with grandparents


riding bikes

road trips with family

staying up late

flips flops

root beer floats



swimming in the lake

the cabin

playing with friends

sleeping in

no schedule at all


just being together as a family.

This summer has been a wonderful one.

I am so sad to see it come to an end...until next year.



Maren said...

Saddest and cutest post ever. Is that possible? I hate that Summer has to end! But such a beautiful family!

BUB said...

This is too soon! I still think we can squeeze a little summer in if we have a couple hot days. Please!?

Lindsay Bateman said...

love that first photo! :) i know, summer seemed to pass by at warp speed this year. beautiful post. who took your family photos btw? just gorgeous!

Rachel said...

Great pictures! They perfectly capture the essence of summer.