Thursday, December 01, 2011

christmas around our home

Just a little peek at the Christmas decor around our home this year...

We decorated on Monday night and the girls were beyond excited to get all the Christmas stuff out. We kept it really simple this year, and I love how it turned out. I added some turquoise to the red ornaments we already had, and I decided this year to have the "kids tree" upstairs. Up until now I've always put the kids homemade and fun ornaments on the big tree, but it was getting to be too I opted for the 2nd tree this year and I'm loving it so far. And so are the kiddies...colored lights and fun ornaments...what could be better?

We are very excited for Christmas to come and I still can't believe that it is December 1st already. Still sooooo much to do in this busy month, but at least I've got a start! Christmas cards are ready for me to send off, I've got a good start on my shopping, the decorations are is going to be a fun month.

T :)

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