Monday, April 16, 2012

11 months

Well, somehow our baby boy has managed to get to be 11 months old. 11 months??? Really??? Even though it feels like we've had him forever, I still sometimes feel like was just pregnant. I haven't forgotten the horrors of pregnancy quite yet! (haha)

So instead of me apologizing for being such a crappy blogger, let's just get to some more cute photos of our Crewie. I was looking at the calendar today and realized that Crew is one in just a month, so Gabby and Kherington helped me snap a few quick photos of our boy. He is so funny....and sooooo hard to crack a smile out of as soon as the camera comes out!! He was more interested in the hairbrush that was sitting on the floor than the cool plane and bike that I put in front of him, but we still managed to get some cute ones I think!

Love this boy!!!!!

And yup, he spent most of the time crawling away and towards that hairbrush I was talkin' about.

Stinker!!! (heehee)



Maren said...

Such cute photos! He's adorable, and his hair is so lucious ...not to mention the rolls over his jeans! Love it!

Kim said...

I love every chubby bit of him!!! Oh that cutie boy crewie...yuv!!! xox

niki said...

sooooo cute!! i miss that face.

Réka néni said...

I am sooo happy to read about you again. I missed your posts and I was worrying that something was wrong in your family. Actually I have read your blog from the beginning until December 2007, so I have 4 and a half more years to read, but sometimes I look at the actual posts. Your kids are so cute and your photos are beautiful. Reading your blog is like reading a novel. I'm curios what happens to you next and it's interesting to watch how your life changes from dancing through being mum to become a photograph. So keep it up! :) Réka from Hungary